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One of the most important initiatives of Science and Life is EXPLORATION. 

Whereas the study of electrons through Quantum Mechanics has evolved for over a century, its holographic nature in the human body still remains mysterious. One of the principal goals of Science and Life is to narrow this gap.

Biologists continue to make significant contributions in our understanding of Life Sciences at a fundamental macroscopic level. Meanwhile, Quantum Mechanics is working its way through even more fundamental and mysterious underpinnings such as quantum tunneling, resonant electron tunneling, and quantum entanglement, to name a few. What if our own body is a treasure-house of these magnificent quantum occurrences manifest through auto-pilots, mirror neurons, felt senses, alignment, feelings of love, peace and many other magical phenomena we take for granted?

Our composite quantum body, for instance, consists of many subsystems that communicate with each other for co-ordination and functionality. It continues to impress observers of all caliber. Even so, these electron-mediated communications break down. Attempts to repair them with chemical interventions (and surgery and radiation therapy) have dominated our attention in the last century. As we enter this new century, some of the more progressive and science-driven well-being centers around the world are witnessing Quantum Mechanics unveil some of the illusions given by Biology.

What if our quantum nature is giving rise to not only quantum biology, but also classical biology? In other words, by listening to the clients describe their maladies at the macroscopic level, we get to eves-drop on the underlying Quantum Biology!

You might have known there are over five thousand trillion trillion electrons in our body - moving rhythmically. For the most part we are not consciously aware of them - or their dance - unless the dance is disrupted or it reaches a crescendo. They were an integral part of creation while the universe was being "cooked" into existence at over thirteen billions degrees -- before elements, molecules or even the atoms were formed. What if the magic of creation is embedded within them? An integral part of the cosmos now, they seem to vigorously "dance us into existence". As if all of THAT isn't impressive enough, our capacity for awareness (as in awareness of our surroundings) is mediated by the electrons as well. Intra-cellular and inter-cellular communications are also mediated by them -- through electron transport, single electron tunneling, superposition and quantum entanglement. Interruptions to any of these can lead to disruptions -- including malfunction, discomfort and pain.

At Science and Life we are engaged in these inquiries:
A. Quantum mechanics deals with the behavior of small objects. It's not possible to observe a quantum mechanical system without changing it. So, the “observer must be considered part of the system being observed." We do create our world.
B. Quantum systems are represented by a mixture of different states. When an observation is made, that interaction causes the associated wave function to "come alive" into a single state. Any interaction that results in this transition is called an observation or measurement, whether or not it is deliberate. In the normal course of a day, we can NOT not observe.

C. Since the subsystems that make us up -- such as the endocrine system and the nervous system -- are ultimately quantum mechanical, we take up the following three additional in vivo quantum biological inquiries at Science and Life.
D. If we romance our quantum self, can we expect to awaken and let lose more of our hidden Glory and Majesty?
E. If we become more malleable, can we expect to experience a sort of Cosmic Connection and Holographic Bliss?
F.  If we take up the Practice of Observing, can we expect to spawn a Created Life. Or as a minimum, enrich the Quality of our Lives?
G. As we transition into the fuzzy domain of quantum physics, where the sure-footedness of the physicist is no longer so sure, we come face to face with physics encountering Consciousness. The symmetry between Consciousness and the Grand Unified Field is compelling. 

“Remember, it took 13.8 billion years of ‘work’ to get us to this point, to even conceive such thoughts and articulate such questions! In vivo quantum biology is also a fantastic looking glass of life! Befriending it,” says Tom Padikal with childlike wonderment in his eyes, “is likely to be a most rewarding and transformative episode in your life!"

Quantum Mechanics has been labeled "weird" by many. For instance, would you believe sometimes particulate matter behave like waves, and then back to a particulate matter again! It is very common for electron to show wave like characteristics - like a ripple in a pond - while at other times exhibit particle properties like a billiard ball on a pool table. If I were to poke my head through a wall and peer into the next room, and then withdraw my head without leaving a trace, you will be impressed, right? What if such intracellular communication is rampant in our quantum body? Even more "weird", what if one electron when "entangled" with another, is able to sense the other and respond instantly even when separated by considerable "distance"? What if empathic feelings aroused by mirror neurons are manifestations of such Quantum Entanglement? What if primal romantic feelings are manifestations of Quantum Entanglement, mediated by mirror neurons? Our body is a treasure-house of such magical quantum phenomena. The electrons in our body source a mystical rhythm seemingly unimpeded by even the cell walls! Some well-being centers around the world invoke practices that elicit and stimulate such quantum phenomena to enhance wellness! Given their extraordinary lineage, what if providing a clearing to resume the rhythm actually provides relief and restore optimum life, functionality and well-being? Some well-being centers offer non-invasive measures such as Quantum Biology, Magnetic Resonance Stimulation, Biofeedback, Meditation, and Experiential Workshops based on the frontiers of Science! If you are inspired by what you read, imagine what we are up to at Science and Life Board, and as a Research and Educational Organization! Expect great things to come from Science and Life and the Board! Please feel free to contact a member of your choice. Thank you!


If you noticed that we're passionate about Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Biology and in vivo Quantum Biology you'd be right.
If you are wondering why, it's because you and I are powered by Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics. 

It literally took 13.8 billion years to assemble me into who I am today. Encoded within everyone of us, then, is a deep cosmic wisdom derived from such experiences as thermal energy that can rip apart protons, compressions that can crush a galaxy in to a black hole the size of a pin head, explosions that can propel objects at near light speeds – and a lineage that extends from the beginning of time! Saying anything less – or acting less or playing small – is simply inauthentic. 

Speaking of quantum mechanics, biologists have been wary of applying the strange world of quantum mechanics to their discipline. They now agree that quantum physics can help to explain some amazing natural phenomena we all take for granted. Biologists without quantum physics expertise are now falling behind! Quantum biology refers to the applications of quantum mechanics to biological systems and processes.  These applications usually fall into one of two categories:
Cat 1. The more conventional applications that encompass chemical bonding and quantum chemistry.
Cat 2. The more recent class of applications that encompass quantum characteristics such as superposition, non-locality, entanglement and tunneling.

What is not commonly understood is that these quantum phenomena give rise to life as we know it. Take them away and there is no life, no biology, no roses, no plants, no animals, no apples, no oranges, no pears, no strawberries, no wheat, no oats, no pets, no grass, no lawn, no trees... 
I hope you're beginning to get the idea that there can be no life without quantum physics! So it behooves us to really look deeper - for our own sake! Education is, thus, a very important initiative.

You may now have an idea why I'm in love with Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Biology and in vivo Quantum Biology. Even so, like Alice in Wonderland, the strangeness of quantum phenomena makes comprehension a daunting task.  Won't you join us, then, there is much exciting work lies ahead. Welcome to our educational initiative that consists of workshops, online classes, conferences, quantum biology training and much more.     


We all want it, yet we are not exactly sure how to go about it. Even the experts disagree!

This may be a result of the interplay between Quantum Mechanics and Biology, which have long been regarded as unrelated disciplines, the former describing nature at the inanimate microscopic level, while the latter describing the living species. The fundamental nature of quantum mechanics in unifying the two fields, however, is coming to the forefront. We are already witnessing the hidden hand of quantum mechanics at work in quantum biology.

At Science and Life we play a major role in the service initiative by collaborating with independent integral health practitioners. We develop new protocols and offer training. For instance, at CENTER for VITALITY we apply Quantum Mechanics to Biology. Some of the outcomes (inexplicable through Newtonian Biology) can be understood only by invoking such concepts as electron tunneling, quantum entanglement, resonant electron tunneling, stimulated emission and associated processes in macromolecules that can lead to healing, and optimization of well-being. A cautionary note to the reader though: Like Alice in Wonderland, Quantum Mechanics describes the microscopic world with which we have little or no familiarity. So insisting on receiving "Newtonian world" explanations that "make sense" of the "quantum world" may be futile! The entire field of life sciences is undergoing a paradigm shift brought about by Quantum Mechanics applied to life sciences. There's no use resisting it, the duality is here to stay! Its ripple effects are going to be felt for some time! 


It behooves us therefore, to create conditions in which quantum mechanical optimization can be elicited to promote well-being. We collaborate with integral health centers like CENTER for VITALITY who provides services, promote practices, use systems, provide coaching and follow procedures that enhance quantum mechanical optimization and optimum well-being. For instance, CENTER for VITALITY uses Magnetic Resonance Stimulation and phonon assisted tunneling. One of the magnetic resonance stimulation systems used at the CENTER for VITALITY is shown below. Although the magnetic field is very small (about the same as the magnetic field of the earth we experience daily), the key to its success is resonance and repetition! At CENTER for VITALITY, they walk you through every step during the session. They also generate a 'treatment plan' specifically suited for the client's need. Welcome to our service initiative that consists of protocol development, quantum biology training and much more.